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For Grace | A documentary about food, family, sacrifice, and the journey from concrete box to opening night of one of the world's most acclaimed restaurants.

Fast Casual Nation: Changing the Way America Eats | Fast Casual is a true David versus Goliath story. Dive deep into the fastest growing segment that revolutionized the industry and has become the leading force in a 500 billion dollar market. Follow the last 10 years of this complex, innovative movement and discover the geniuses and concepts across the nation behind the mighty force that has changed the way America eats! Watch on Vimeo.


Bread | When the Los Angeles County Health Department shut down his “illegal bread sales”, bread baker Mark Stambler decided to do something about the situation. With the help of his local Congressperson he spearheaded an effort to pass the California Cottage Law in the hopes of allowing thousands of passionate artisans like himself to make their living from selling homemade goods. Bread takes us on a n intimate journey through the art of making bread from whole grain to finished loaf as well as a behind-the-scenes struggles of a man pursuing his craft at the highest level.

BUILT. The Blueprint for Foodservice Success | Success in the foodservice industry is more than constructing the perfect plate. What goes into building the perfect menu, the perfect space and the perfect business strategy? Introducing BUILT, bringing you the best brand consultant advice — knowledge every innovative leader craves, all in bite-sized entertaining pieces. Follow brilliant FCSI the Americas consultants as they tackle everyday foodservice challenges and discover solutions of your own.

Central Texas Barbecue | In Central Texas, Barbecue is more than a way to cook meat – it’s a way of life, a path to salvation, and a sure-fire way to start an argument at the dinner table. Australian filmmaking duo Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker go deep into Texas to discover the ritual of slow-cooked barbecue, with portraits of the pitmasters who stoke the flames in this age-old tradition. The film explores a mouth-watering perspective on the world that is uniquely American, and uniquely Texan.

Food As a Lifestyle | We only see the meal once it’s perfected and served on a plate before us, but who is the mastermind behind it? “Food As a Lifestyle” is a story focused on the artist who brings those recipes and ingredients to life. Get a behind-the-scenes look into the world of leading chefs, mixologists, and restaurant operators in this industry-level reality series. How do they balance work and life? What drives them every day? Follow their lives and witness the real narrative of foodservice.

COURSE OF FOOD | Marc Dunham seeks to overcome the busy life of being a Chef, and connect with the people who grow his food. In the first episode, Marc meets free-range pig farmer Andy Bowen, who operates and preserves a sustainable ranch in order to give people an opportunity to eat an animal that lived a happy life.

El Xow | El XOw, A short film that dives into the three times Michelin Starred Xef Dabiz Muñoz's universe and his restaurant concepts DiverXO and StreetXO. This two concepts have very different styles, but share the theater that surrounds the gastronomic experience. This is an emotional ride, a look into the rollercoaster of sensations that diners experience when sitting at a table in one of his restaurants, something that takes years to refine. This film will show the metaphoric, oneiric side of DiverXO and its universe.

Eres lo que comes | A consideration on the environmental situation, its relationship with what we eat and the importance of knowing the quality and origin of our food, from the viewpoint of experts in haute cuisine, press, biology, engineering and the administration. The role of aquaculture as an alternative to traditional fishing shows an encouraging trend to reduce pressure on increasingly polluted seas and rivers, as well as the management of urban waste into raw material.

Food Systems, Chapter 2: Dinner on the Farm | Chapter 2: Dinner on the Farm takes a fly-on-the-wall approach to documenting three farm dinners. The Farmer's Table, run by chef Jacob Mains, sets up an ad-hoc kitchen on Jarosinski Farms and Lewis Family Farms. The restaurant, Avenue B, prepares a five course meal for the Churchview Farm Dinner Series. Tara Rockacy of Churchview Farm discusses changes in the Pittsburgh restaurant scene and her approach to farming.

Team Firehouse Subs IRONMAN Arizona Tempe | Firehouse Subs has elevated from brand to brand publisher, from fast-casual concept to original content creator, sharing stories, reaching local communities and touching lives in a way it has never done before. In this story, meet the heroes of Team Firehouse Subs, a brave group of first responders and IRONMAN athletes who rise above the challenge of the triathlon, all the while connecting to the brand's charity organization, the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL | Chef JJ Johnson preps restaurant, The Cecil, Harlem, to host the Esquire Magazine Food & Drink Awards in the midst of defining it's eclectic cuisine.