Official Launch

For Immediate Release

Foodable Network announced today the launch of, to be held May 20, 2016 at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago. The first-ever foodservice industry event pairing executive education, interactive dialogues with food industry-explorative film festival, is designed to expose disruptive trends in foodservice for leading executives. The event promises attendees and sponsors robust and meaningful insight into today's and tomorrow's industry challenges.

"This event is like no other in foodservice today. Our understanding of how video tells so much more of the story is the genesis of the idea behind this event," said Paul Barron, CEO and Executive Publisher at Foodable Network. "The boring keynote and slides are a thing of the past; this event will focus on ideas and passion which is what the restaurant industry is built upon." 

On May 20, 2016 at Chicago's The Ritz-Carlton Chicago, more than 200 seasoned veteran professionals, including brand leaders, master chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists and filmmakers, will take part in interactive sessions that provoke thought, discourse on future trends, and engagement with thought-leaders personifying the passion and power behind our food. is a two-phase event, with the afternoon programming and cocktail party exclusively for industry professionals, and the evening's programming open to influential pro-foodies and notable food bloggers.'s exclusive afternoon programming features five short films in its five interactive moderator-led and top theorist/practitioner panel discussion tracks, covering topics such as disruptors in the industry, the craft beverage movement, bar and spirits innovations, the debate on tipping and the future of the food industry as it shifts to $1 trillion in revenue. The afternoon programming promises huge discussion and insights.'s Film Festival, following these exclusive interactive sessions and cocktail party, will feature 10 custom, feature-length documentaries and film shorts that share the inspirational stories of brands, operators and executives around the globe, and highlight the champions, heart and will of the segment.

Attendees will be enjoying not only the robust discourse in the interactive sessions. They also will enjoy excellent top-tier networking, a richly satisfying cocktail party, and the film festival in the evening, all within the excellent service provided by The Ritz-Carlton Chicago.

Those sponsoring this event will directly engage and network with attendees during the event, and directly reach 256K professionals in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry, as well as 23 million social connections in the segment through Foodable Network journalistic coverage of the event. Additional exposure through Foodable Network and its partnerships increase the stature and visibility of to tens of millions of impressions before, during and after the event.


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