Seattle 2018 Agenda

Stage One

10AM-10:15am | Kick-off Event Presentation

10:15am-11am | Under-Utilized Species

The consumer is looking to explore new types of seafood and this is translating to menus as one of the industry top trends and demands by consumers that are seeking new flavors and types of seafood. Enter the under-utilized species that are revealing a whole new culinary experience

11AM-12pm | Sustainability

Sustainability has been a buzz term for over 25 years, but the reality is that now consumers have connected to what it really means. Seafood is leading the way in the best practices while exploring new ideas and processes that will create a sustainable future in seafood.

1pm-2pm | Next Gen Nutrition

Nutrition has taken an all-new approach to how it's being implemented from the medical community all the way to self-nutrition, making its way into menus in the massive better-for-you movement.

2pm-3pm | Global Trend Influences in the U.S.

Global consumer trends are moving quickly to alternative proteins and plant-based menus along with seafood as the leading pure protein. This magic partnership of flavors and nutrition are the makings of an all new diet that is spreading across the U.S. and will have long-lasting effect on global food for the future.

3pm-3:45pm | The Real Cost of Protein

Proteins are at the forefront of the news today with a variety of claims and ideas that consider the cost of protein production and its long-term impact on our planet. Wild caught seafood is considered to be one of the bastions of growth that we should be fostering and protecting to ensure future food sources.


Stage Two

10:15am-11am | Fishing Life

Part of understanding the future of seafood rests on the understanding of fishing life, its mission, passion, and most of all its own understanding of what it means to bring seafood to the hearts and minds of consumers worldwide. In this segment, we explore the ideas and connections to the Fishing Life.

11AM-12pm | Food Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of brands and chefs alike, it is the differentiation that makes each operation unique. In this session, we will explore trends, tactics, and results of what is driving some of the biggest moves in seafood marketing and consumption.

1pm-2pm | Women in Food & Beverage

There is a tide that is coming, it is the equalization in food as it pertains to women leaders, brand innovators, and culinary experts that have begun to strike a new trail for the future of how women in foodservice will contribute to the evolution of our industry.

2pm-3pm | Psychographics of the Seafood Eater

The hearts and minds have been the driving force of consumers with the social media obsession that has exposed, an entirely new way of engaging and interacting with food. This massive shift that began in 2009 has set the stage for psychographic studies that could guide us in the future of what consumers will be eating.

3pm-3:45pm | Seafood and Mental Wellness

The human brain reacts to nutrition and the need for a diet rich in omega-3s to meet the body's daily needs. Studies show that seafood is the driving source that is key to mental wellness. Seafood has been shown to reduce symptoms of schizophrenia, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other mental disorders.


Stage Three

11AM-2PM | Chef Demo



12pm-1pm | Lunch Break | Served by Alaska Seafood

4PM-5pm | Cocktail Hour