Former Wahlburgers CEO, Rick Vanzura Shares A Valuable Leadership Lesson

"I was sure the purpose of that call was to fire me," said Rick Vanzura, Former Chief Executive Officer of Wahlburgers and Alma Nove restaurants, as he shared an anecdote about a time in his career as a consultant that taught him one of the most valuable lessons in leadership.

It touches on the importance of confidence, vision, and calculated action with clear intent in everything you do—especially if you’re a leader in your organization.

Vanzura recently made headlines when he announced his decision to step away as CEO from the famed concepts founded by the famous Wahlberg family. He says the parting with the Wahlberg brothers and the company was done in very good terms.

So, what’s next for Vanzura, a leader who was previously the Co-COO for Panera, LLC and division president of various startups and Fortune 50 companies?

He expects to become the CEO of a restaurant concept, as he mentioned in his LinkedIn article, titled "Goodbye, Wahlburgers -- and Thanks for Everything," but details have not been disclosed yet.

“After the extraordinary intensity of helping to build Wahlburgers, I am ready for a brief break this summer,” said Vanzura in his goodbye letter. “In August, I will begin a new position as CEO of a different restaurant concept, and I am excited for the opportunity. I'll provide more details once I start.”

In the meantime, learn from this restaurant industry leader by watching the video above. You don’t want to miss this leadership lesson!