What is Foodable.io all about?

Our industry is truly in a state of flux, more so now than ever before. New age operators, brands, chefs — along with the new age consumer — are jammed into an always-on, instant gratification world of food. The landscape of the restaurant industry has changed right before our very eyes in the past five years. Much like my vision with FastCasual.com in the mid-'90s, we are prepared for this renaissance of food, and the best way to prepare is to align and mobilize the thought leaders of our industry. 

Not just any thought leaders. We are seeking the misfits and the troublemakers, the dreamers and innovators willing to risk it all. Foodable.io is designed around input/output (I/O), and it's built on the very idea that this is not your normal foodservice or restaurant conference from the minute you step in. We integrate film, education and networking in an entirely new event format created by Foodable Network.

We are willing to break the rules, looking to start a revolution and seeking the desire to learn, network, and most of all, create a fire starter that is innovation. We are a different breed — and we don't just say it. We walk it, we prove it, we put our money, our reputations and our dreams out there on the line. This is the new business of the restaurant industry and we hope you can be a part of it.

We know it's not for everyone and that's okay, but for those that dare, that dream with passion...welcome to Foodable.io.

- Paul Barron
Foodable.io Founder


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